Favorite Spots

This is a list of my favorite locations in Vancouver to shoot. I will update this list as I more interesting places.

1) The Rooftops of the Law Building

Located in central Vancouver this multi-tiered rooftop contains a lit garden path and interesting architecture. At night this area is lit up with thousands of soft white Christmas lights, and beautiful downward facing flood lights light the various paths around the area. The rooftop of this building is fairly secluded at night; and although the area isn't a hot spot for crime (It's on top of the law building) I would recommend bringing a friend or two.

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2) Stanley Park

Located to the west of the main city core, Stanley Park is a natural forest just steps away from our city. The Lost Lagoon is usually teeming with wild critters that you may be able to take advantage of (that sounds wrong) but don't expect to get much out of this place at night. In fact, at night the area around the Lagoon, and most of Stanley Park, gets downright creepy. I took a walk around the Park around dusk and found there to be very little lighting when the sun goes down. Beautiful place during the day though, you could spend weeks here and never get bored.

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