Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoot 14: Sarah Costa @ Granville Island

What: 2 hour fun shoot
Where: Granville Island Google Maps Location
Who: Sarah Costa
Why: Fun shots

Sarah and I headed on over to Granville Island, because my first shoot there didn't cover nearly enough of the area. This time I focused more on the entrance of the island, and the south portion near the creek. It was an awesome sunny day as you can tell in most of the shots. The sun was too high in the sky for me to have any fun with it (unless I wanted to take shots pointing straight up into the air) so I focused more on trying to find some interesting bounce lights. In some of the shots the color of the light filled the image with drastically different colors (even without post applied to them) and it was an interesting introduction to indirect lighting for me. As usual, I didn't know what I wanted until I saw it, but luckily Sarah is an awesome sport and let me play around while she stood there looking all cool like.

What did I learn?
Afternoon sun casts shadows on people and make them look like old wizards. Women don't necessarily like looking like old wizards.
Hair does interesting things in different lighting. Darkened hair looks rich & supple, lit hair looks crisp & dry.
Ruffles, unbuttoned shirts, and loose overcoats make people look frumpy. T-shirts henseforth will be the order of the day.
Sarah Costa's life is easy because she is ridiculously good looking.

Fun Fact: When I was three I went to Sarah's birthday party when she turned four and it was fucking awesome.
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