Saturday, April 24, 2010

Randoms @ EXP Bar Event

What: 60 minute fun shoot
Where: VFS Cafe Location on Google Maps
Who: A whole buncha nerds
Why: Fun shots

I spent a few hours at the EXP gaming event hosted by the EXP bar brigade at the VFS cafe, a known location and an old stomping ground. The event was packed into such a small space and I forgot how dark and gloomy the cafe is. The area had to serve the use of multiple TVs, monitors and projectors, so the lights were necessarily lowered; which made my camera pretty much useless unless I planned on drowning the subjects out with my flash. I started locating and hanging around the natural sources of light, and that did not leave much space to play around with. I eventually found some focus lights I could play around with so I set up a makeshift portrait wall. I think the next EXP event will have this set up beforehand for students and couples.

What did I learn?
My camera cannot possibly take photos in low lights save for using the flash, which I do not want to do. I purchased a lens with a lower F stop, so now I stand a chance in most club/bar locations.
Taking candid shots are not nearly as fulfilling as taking controlled shots. That's just how it is.
Most people will stare awkwardly at cameras or try to hide their face. It pays to follow those people until they calm down, just to teach them a lesson.

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